Ekodrom - Udruga za bolje sada

Udruga za bolje sada



As part of the project ‘Bat’, Ekodrom Association organizes round tables and public forums on a variety of environmental issues (biodiversity, forest management, rivers and hydroelectric power plants…) to which were invited all interested individuals and organizations in the municipality of Vojnić, Barilović, Topusko and close areas. The project aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and biodiversity and to encourage local people to actively engage in the issues important to community development. 

Association Ekodrom carried out this project in partnership with Kreativna udruga Ruke and Ženska grupa Vojnić from Vojnić, Association Most Perna from Topusko and the Association CCI from Zagreb while project activities also include the local government and residents. The project is co-funded by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.

A very successful part of the project was last year's four-day children's scout eco-camp ‘Bat’. The camp was held on the lawn next to the hunting lodge Muljava and it was attended by 70 children from the Municipality of Vojnić, Barilović, Topusko and Krnjak and towns of Karlovac, Duga Resa and Zagreb. Camp’s organization was supported by Scout units Spider and Vladimir Nazor. The children took part in various workshops created by members of the Association ZMAG.  A representative of the Astronomical Society Beskraj came to the visit and organized a small workshop, too.

Partner organizations believe that such activities are of great importance for all local residents so they plan to organize children's camps and similar activities in the future.

We thank everyone who got involved for their support and help, to our great volunteers and Udruga Iva from Barilović and especially to TV 4rijeke, Radio Banovina and TopNet Topusko who continuously publish our activities!



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