Ekodrom - Udruga za bolje sada

Udruga za bolje sada



Ekodrom workshop-music festival

Bukovica Utinjska


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           Main woorkshops

Gloria Lindeman – music workshop

Voices are a natural instrument bestowed upon us by birth, while singing itself might just be the most intimate and direct medium to express what lies upon our soul – and we all have the right to use our voices!
Therefore let us put our voices together, whatever they may be in this moment, by learning traditional songs from across the world and with some vocal improvisations, practice and games.

Carpentry workshop Siniša Pocrnčić

Basics of planning and raising simple wooden constructions, choosing types of wood and practical work with carpentry tools.

Blacksmithing workshop - Peter Scheltus

Blacksmithing was a craft that served kings and woodmen,  hunters and cooks, sailors and captains to name a few. Anybody can learn it. It takes or creates deep concentration, depending on how you approach your work. In that concentration creative power is born. At the end of a session of minimum 1 or 2 hours you take home your creation.

Forest gardening workshop – Damir Šeler

On this workshop we will discover all kinds of plants growing in the ‘wilderness’, which of them are eatable, which are medicine and which are simply beautiful. After 3 days, we will all know what is a forest garden, how is it made, how to take care of it, what to remove and what to leave and what can we harvest in all 4 seasons...and make us a salad for lunch on the way!

Wool workshop - Barbara Scheltus

In the wool workshop you will definitely fall in love with wool (again). It is such a great multi purpose material! You can insulate your house or your shoes with it, put it in the bottom of your raised garden bed, make clothes or toys with it and use the grease for hand cream.

Dario Matić – Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura Workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about one of the oldest techniques of taking photographs. Camera Obscura is the name used for the first photo camera ie. a gadget used to take pictures which was first described by the Chinese philosopher Mozi in 470.-390. B.C.

                  Additional workshops and activities

Hula Hoop - Tatjana Vuletić

The hula-hoop workshop that will take place in Bukovica will be based on programing your body to follow the hoop, equally useful to dancers who wish to learn how to hoop along and to hoop buskers to learn how to dance along. Fun is guaranteed regardless of your previous hula hoop experience.

Grass mowing and scythe maintenance - Damir Mihaljević

Introduction to basic grass mowing tools and implements, teaching how to work with a scythe and how to keep it sharp. Education about grass fields and their importance and grass mowing at the estate.

Stipan Kujundžić – manufacture of wooden instruments

This workshop will be a demonstration of Stipan’s manufacturing of wooden musical instruments.

Stipan is a young artist of modern sensibility, undoubtedly belonging to the informatic age who is at the same time fascinated with natural, humane and spiritual dimensions of the Imotska Krajina region, the area in Croatia where he both lives and creates his art.

Astronomy corner – Boris Štromar

Stars and star constellations, watching the sun with telescopes.

Children’s corner

Creative workshops for kids (making a picture book, knitting with fingers, making a simple instrument…)

Forest Open-Jam stage – Natko Stipaničev

Forest, instruments, mixer, improvisation, creatvity, unity!


Chineze medicine - Frank i Ivana (SD PROJEKT, RIS) - FRIDAY 20.6.

Waldorf school - Vera Gjokaj - SATURDAY 21.6.

Local currencies - Dražen Šimleša (ZMAG) - SUNDAY 22.6.

Travel storyes


Cinkuši, Etnoskupina Veja, Kobok, Balade Petrice Kerempuha, Jeboton Ansambl, DJ Bocca Sofistifunk, DJ Haris Pilton (SLO), DJ Iva Kvakić, DJ Sretni Edi, DJ Bart, DJ Đon Kesten, DJ Osobna, DJ Oleg, DJ Nenad Kovačić

IMPORTANT NOTICE: we are kindly asking for understanding, but dogs are not allowed on the festival!