Ekodrom - Udruga za bolje sada

Udruga za bolje sada

About us

"Ekodrom – for a better now" (founded in April 2012.) is a non profit, non-governmental association with the goal of promoting sustainable forms of development, encouraging creative expression and the quality of life through nature . A very importand part of Ekodrom is working with young people, kids and youth of all profiles. Through it's activities and workshops, Ekodrom encourages people to learn through work and offers the possibility of informal education in the fields of culture, ecology, and sustainable development. The workshops are led by experts in their respective fields and are mostly open to all and available to all sorts of young people. Most of Ekodrom's activities are held in Bukovica Utinjska, at a country-farm type estate (Karlovac County, Croatia). Ekodrom promotes life and work in rural areas, and the eco-estate is used as an international platform for all sorts of activities where participants can gain new knowledge, exchange experiences and with their positive action benefit the entire community.

Annual report (2015)

Annual report (2014)


- raising awareness of the individual and the wider community about the importance of preserving nature and our cultural heritage

-promoting the managing of natural resources using methods of sustainable development

-promoting the principles of ecological building and construction

-promoting volunteer work and the idea of active participation of the citizens in their community

-promoting the idea of living in harmony with nature

-promoting rural tourism

-promoting forgotten traditions, arts and crafts

-promoting cultural and artistic expression

-promoting development of creativity

-promoting formal and informal education

-promoting the development and growth of the local community

-promoting a society with better cooperation between different sectors of economy

-active contribution to the development of rural communities


Any citizen of the Republic of Croatia and any legal person with the residence in the Republic of Croatia can be a member od Ekodrom - if they are interested in working with the association and/or helping the association, and are accepting the Statute and other policies, terms of use and general acts of the association.

You can help Ekodrom with your advice, critiques, praises and donations.

Questions, advice, critiques and praises can be sent to our e-mail -  infoekodrom@gmail.hr .

Donations can be sent to our bank account in the Erste bank.
„Udruga za bolje sada – EKODROM, Bukovica Utinjska 64, 47220 Vojnić

IBAN: HR712402006-1100624770

For donations from abroad you will need the following information:

Bank: Erste & Steiermarkische Bank, Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka


Thank you for your support!! We encourage all of our members to come to our activities which we will occasionaly organize, to come to Bukovica and Zagreb to spend time with us, to contact us via e-mail, to send us some kind words here and there and to support us and our wokr in all sorts of ways! Thank You!