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Etno Vam sad - Veja

September 2014.

In September of 2013., an ethno musical group called Veja (Veya) from Pazin, Croatia has showed of their album „Dolina mlinova“ („The Valley of the Mills“) to the audience in Bukovica,Croatia. It gives us great satisfaction that Veja was in fact the first group to start off Ekodrom's new ethno-musical project – Etno vam sad!
The idea of 'Etno vam sad'  is that we spend a weekend in nature all together at the lovely Bukovica where all types of ethno bands would play their music and spread their talents to more and more people.

At the core of Veja are two brothers – Saša and Goran Farkaš, who both are ethno and traditional music enthusiasts. Goran is the main event manager for the TradInEtno festival which has been held annualy in the  'main capital od Istria' since 2009. Since the beginnin of the band their themes were their Istrian (a region in Croatia) heritage – so it's not a surprise that their album name derives from the same: 'The Valley of the Mills is a place in Istria where there are 16 old water mills, and the recording of the album started almost two years ago , in an improvised studio, at that same valley.

 Veja has worked on the album for quite some time, but the result is wonderful! Their strongest features on the album are great musical arrangements and the fact that all the bandmembers (besides the Farkaš brothers - Marko Pernić, Ljuban Rajić and Sebastijan Demark) are great instrumentalists. Marijan Jelenić form the musical group Nola who recorded and produced the album and Martin Swan - the well known  Croatian ethno-sound expert who did the mastering, both deserve their fair share of the credits for the sound of this album. Without a doubt, „The Valley of the Mills“ is the kind of material that the guys from Veja can play on stages all over the world, and be greatly accepted, showing of the rich musical tradiotion that Istria has while doing so.