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Globoskop - music woorkshop - Nenad Kovačić, Gloria Lindeman, Goran Farkaš

May 2014.

The last edition of Globoskop gathered three quite interesting and experienced musicians – Glorija Lindeman, Goran Farkaš and Nenad Kovačić – who have known each other through the years of playing music all over.

From western Africa, through Istria and the Balkans, this trio has been playing traditional music from these different regions of the planet for some time now.

For this occasion, serving as mentors to the group, they have shared their knowledge and experience with us ( and of course, learned something from us ;) ) through old and new melodies and songs. Each of the three mentors have in recent years visited and participated in various Ethno music camps in Croatia and abroad (Sweden, Denmark, France, India) , whether as a student or as an 'artistic leader'. So, the same approach was used here, at Globoskop.

The basic idea at these camps is to learn by hearing, no matter your musical education or background. Aside from learning new melodies, the workshop contained improvisation, listening, research of rhythm, sound and voice. The workshop was intended for everyone! Anyone could join – instrumentalists, singers, percussionists, people who love music, sound, who like to be creative, whether it's musicians, or those who just fell like musicians or those who would just like to :) .

Globoskop showed us that  traditional music can be fun, creative, spontaneous, and not distant, mystical and forgotten as it is often perceived.