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Udruga za bolje sada

What we do

Soundbridge - One song project - Erasmus+

September-October 2014

In the Soundbridge project we gathered 20 young Croatian and Norwegian musicians and cinematographers aged between 18 and 30.  They spent seven beautiful days on the sunny island of Hvar turning the Croatian and Norwegian poetry into music. After that they presented their hard work with a mini tour starting in Hvar, then in Split and finally in Bukovica. That amount of happiness, beautiful young talented people, learning and hardwork....thank you, guys! We are extremely proud and we can't wait for another gathering.

♪ Norway + Croatia ♪
What will happen when you give 10 Norwegian and 10 Croatian young artists 10 days of collaborating in a bay house at beautiful island Hvar?!

*Soundbridge is what happens!!!*

Norwegian folk and traditional sounds from Balkan are being juxtaposed and put together in a inspiring new form. Cultures from north and south are meeting and creating a bridge between people, poetry and music. Project Soundbridge is taking place at Hvar from September 25th till 5th of October with a short tour to Hvar, Split and Bukovica. A Croatian - Norwegian film team is following the whole trip and the music being made will be the sound track of the movie.

The purpose of the project is to support the notion and practice of European and international mobility between young and talented artists (musicians and movie makers) through the development of future network collaboration and the creation of job opportunities in the international sector of arts and culture.

It is a chance to provide the participants with the opportunity to exchange and share ideas, practices, techniques, past experiences and knowledge all related to the disciplines of music and film production - encouraging them to further explore possibilities of future collaboration.

The project is funded through the EU program Erasmus+ for youth, education and sports, Østfold County Council and Ekodrom.