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Udruga za bolje sada

What we do

Zekodrom - organic gardening workshop

April 2013

Gardening workshops called Zekodrom are organized in Bukovica two-three times per year, in spring and autumn. The leader of the workshops is our dear walking encyclopedia, Damir ล eler, also known as Brother of the Earth. J

So far we have learned and done a lot of things in Zekodrom workshops: from preparing mulch, seeding, planting, growing, preparing compost to identification of edible mushrooms and wild plants. The workshops have no beginning and no end. Every year, from season to season, we learn new things and improve our knowledge of organic gardening, and our garden is getting bigger, richer and more beautiful.

Join us in Zekodrom workshops and learn how to grow fruits and vegetables in your own organic garden!