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How it all began...

The Ekodrom story begins in April of 2012 when a couple of friends decided to organize a workshop music festival “Tko pjeva zlo ne misli“ (“One son a day takes the mischief away“) on the countryside estate in Bukovica Utinjska, near Vojnić and Karlovac. The festival was an opportunity to gather young people who like to spend time in nature with a purpose of learning and having fun. In that 2012 around 300 people visited us so we can say that the festival was more than successful! It became pretty obvious that we want to and have to continue with the Ekodrom story. We assembled a group of 10 active members of the association plus around 20 of a bit less active members, but who still help us in making it all work. The association has got one employee and since then we held around 15 projects on local and global level.